Another reason I don't like actively managed funds

Wednesday, August 12, 2009 |

The longtime manager of FBR Focus, a Kiplinger 25 fund, is leaving to start his own fund.

I found this article on Kiplinger that was published a few days back, so I know it is a little bit late. Anyway, Kiplinger article Future of Top Fund Suddenly Out of Focus shows another reason why I choose not to go with actively managed fund.

With actively managed funds, the changes in the fund manager will probably lead to changes in the fund investment style. While they may try to use similar strategy, there are still instinct part of the fund managers that I think make them unique or different. With passively managed index fund, I know the strategy clearly, follow the index as closely as possible. The changes in fund managers should have little or no impact to the fund investment strategy at all.

Now with FBR Focus, if I own the fund and for whatever reason the new fund manager is not good or at least I think is not good, I will probably decide to redeem the fund. And if I have this in taxable account, this could potentially mean capital gains now. I would prefer to delay paying the capital gain tax as long as possible.


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