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Welcome to Mr. Bee's Money Chronicle. I am starting this blog to share my thoughts on personal finance and money matters. Why do we need another personal finance blog? Don't we have enough already? Surely, we have enough personal finance blogger out there. I admire a lot of them for their thoughts and I have learned a lot from them. I am not trying to replace them. I love this topic and I think I may be able to share some additional information with you. Beyond that, I think I can learn more by writing and from comments. Writing forces me to research the topic. Your comments, and hopefully critical comments, forced me to think even more and could make me realized about my mistake.

Who is Mr. Bee?  Why would anyone want to listen to Mr. Bee?
Mr. Bee is a 30 years old married man with two daughters.  Mr. Bee works for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Mrs. Bee used to work before the birth of first daughter.

If Mr. Bee is just a simple state worker, why would you want to listen to his thoughts on personal finance?  Well, at 30 years old, we have paid off our mortgage (house value around $150,000), and have a net worth north of $425k (as of Sept 2009).  Both of us didn't make six figures salaries (even though the combined salaries prior to Mrs. Bee decided to stay at home was more than six figures), but yet with proper focus on savings, investing and live below our means, we are on our way to financial freedom.  In addition, being a state employee, if I stay long enough and finish my career with the state, I am hopefully will have pensions (nothing is guaranteed of course with the current condition) and also be eligible for full health benefits.  WOW, full health benefits!!!  Health care will probably be one of the major expenses when you reach retirement age.

I will share how we reach this point and how you be on your way to financial freedom without the need to make six figures salary to reach financial freedom.

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