Tip for SEO optimization for bloggers

Wednesday, January 6, 2010 |

Well, I am certainly not the best one to look for info on this. In fact, I have sort of stop updating this blog due to my higher passion on photography. But for those looking for info, I will share what I can from my short experience here.

If you are blogger, don't worry too much about SEO. Just write great relevant post. Need proof? Well, one of my blog entries return as #1 in Google search depending on search criteria and some are rank relatively high, for a dormant blog. The example is here:

best 529 plans money magazine
How could this happen? My entry rank higher than article on Money Magazine?!?!

I can only thank some reader that actually come to my blog and read the article. I am also sorry if you are hoping that I can provide more info on this. I really love the topic of personal finance. However, I CRAZILY IN LOVE with photography. Along with that, I have full-time work, family and other things in my life, I just feel I couldn't do this. I don't want to put something mediocre out here. If I am going to maintain the blog, I want to make sure it is great info. Again, check out my previous post on some of the great personal finance writers.

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